Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve and Excess Flow Valve
Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve and Excess Flow Valve
Without an earthquake gas shut off valve installed, the only way to turn off the gas supply to your home or building is to know where the manual shut off valve is located. You must have the proper tools, knowledge and strength to turn off the gas. It only takes a few minutes for the leaking gas from a ruptured or disconnected gas line to create a devastating fire or explosion. Automatic gas shut off valves protect you family and property whether you are home or not, 24/7. These valves are constructed to activate and shut down gas flow to a non-hazardous level, which will avoid the possible dangers of gas being released into your home. Protect your home and the people in it with an automatic gas shut off valve. MB Services has years of experience installing earthquake shut off valves, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. We install gas shutoff valves throughout California in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Ramon, and other neighboring cities around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gas Leak Detection Services

Gas Leak Detection Service

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Even Fire stations need emergency auto gas shutoff valves.
Fire Stations
To protect businesses and people Commercial buildings should have automatic gas shutoff valves.
Commercial Buildings
Day Care Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve
Day Care Centers
Apartment Complexes
HOA Neighborhoods

The MB Service Advantage

We are the Natural Gas System experts. You wouldn’t call a Foot Doctor to operate on your heart. Therefore, don’t call a plumber to install an automatic gas shut off safety valve. There’s a reason why schools, businesses, insurance companies, realtors, and thousands of homeowners rely on MB Service; We Get it Right the First Time. Working on gas systems and more directly with the Utility Gas Meter requires a company with a specialized skill set. Altering anything on a gas meter can create long-term legal issues with the Utility Gas Company. The installation of the wrong size or type of gas valve can create a gas delivery issue for gas appliances. MB Service has the experience to provide a seamless installation throughout California without issue allowing the consumer to have complete peace of mind knowing that in the event of a catastrophic event the property and lives within will be completely safe. MB Service provides, experience, a proven track record, knowledge of the Gas System, and the best on time service records to date. READ MORE

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